With over 50 years of combined experience, our diverse perspectives allow us to solve problems and uncover opportunities in unique and effective ways. From retail to financial services, from the sports industry to the world of resorts and real estate, we look at the big picture and do things with true passion. In short, we are in the "solution business", relying on solid business instincts with a true disdain for anything less than success. Synergy Group is driven to deliver positive results for our clients.



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Ted Simons

Jennifer Lyons

Our Team

John Crossman, Video & Digital Production
Emmy and Addy Award Winning Producer, John handles production information to education, commercials, sports and art…there is not a format John has not and cannot shoot and edit “on time, on budget”

Trevor Narache, Graphic Design/Branding
An idea guy, out-of-the-box thinker and a crackerjack creative, Trev is a visual storyteller who somehow always gets the extra photos and copy to fit.   With nearly 20 years of design and marketing experience creating both print and interactive collateral Trev has the uncanny ability to develop marketing strategies that others simply miss.

Dave Padgett, IT Integration
Dave brings a wealth of experience, and most importantly, a commitment to deliver a “solution” when all appears lost out there in cyberspace.